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poems about Chechnya being peaceful..... not all Chechens are terrorists. as i am part chechen and i have wronged no one. this is my words protect my people from Islamic extremism and terrorism.

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I always a had funny feeling that i might be part Chechen since i could remember and read up on them, the struggles and some of the stupid stereotypes that i have been placed on Chechens and other eastern European people as Islamic terrorists, anti gay and or communist. What hateful stuff the media and news are spewing on to my Eastern European friends is annoying and has to stop.

Chechen Muslim yes. Terrorist no. They look like your average chucklehead who'll live next door. Normal as any human.

Are all Chechens anti gay......well any fanny fart with 46 chromosomes can be anti gay. The capability is in all of us it depends on how we are raised.

Do all Chechens torture people........ no. Infact is was born in a good country that hated chechens and muslims and i was tortured as a baby by the hospital staff, who werent not Chechens.

I am writing this book or books because i have the spirit of Imam Shamil reincarnated in me and i am saddened abs ticked off by the fact that is stupid war or any war on this planet is still going on. War and terrorism has to end for the sake of all both Chechen and non-Chechen.

This is all i have to say.

Its time to use your words people.

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