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Potential. (Part I)

-Poems written with p.o.t.e.n.t.i.a.l.-

-like a book,

you judged me by my cover

But you never bothered to open me

And read my story

-my cuts grow deeper

For the desire to be healed by you

-after he shattered my heart

I had to look for a new one

Or someone that could fix it

-he left

With his possessions

And my heart

Which was not his to take

-the girls in my class taught me to be quiet

With a needle and thread

-she will never be forgotten

Even if she has forgotten herself

-you were at a crossroads

You had to choose between two girls,

Two Paths

And you chose hers

-I cut

In hopes

Of draining my blood of the memories

of you

-I was a puzzle

But i was too difficult

So you gave up

-she fears something is wrong

she’s the only thing in my life

that is right

-it bleeds

But I don’t feel any pain

Only healing

-I have apologies

trapped in the back of my mind

Waiting for an opportunity to be released

-my mother fears of what I do

But she does not understand

that you are my friend

That even though she takes you away

I will always find you

In one form or another

-Soft rain kisses my skin

Leaving a piece of itself

With each encounter

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