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Potential. (Part II)

-Poems written with p.o.t.e.n.t.i.a.l.-

-I’m too young to know what love is

But I imagine it feels something like

When you take a shower after a stressful day;

When you laugh so hard you cry;

When you are terribly thirsty and refresh yourself with water;

Like you’re lying on a cloud

Listening to Peggy Lee

-I thought I could see colors clearly

But when I met him

I was colorblind

For I was not able to see his true colors

So now i assume that they are all black and white

Until they prove to me otherwise

-The tears he shed

Where not due to sadness

Or happiness

It was due to the

Death of a vegetable

-I want to take care of the Earth

But how can I do that

If I can’t even take care of myself

-tears leave her eyes

And descend

Only to be wiped away

And forgotten

-I don’t understand my mind

And i can’t even leave it in an attempt to apprehend it

-If one was unfortunate enough,

They have felt eyes pierce into their back,

They are familiar with the concept of being laughed at,

They know the ghastly feeling all too well.

As do I

-i push people away for ii don’t want to be a burden.

My life is a mess, yet mine.

No one is responsible for straightening and fixing my life, except for me.

So i feel lonely but i have begun to accept my fate.

-what is the meaning of our existence?

We do more harm then healing.

So what is the point?

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