Dysfunctional Butterfly

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Hey, thanks for looking at my page. Set forth is a collection of poems spanning from my adolescent years. Maybe it was a good thing to keep those tattered red journals for the journey ahead.

Poetry / Horror
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October 30 1942

To my wife Samantha, how are you? How's Great britain? How's our boy kirk?

Life here in the desert is hard, the desert heat is berserk, We pushed back the Germans and the Italians last week

Right now they are weak, later we'll surprise them and wreak their tanks.

But we're tired we might lose the fight, With food supplies that are disliked.

The chances of victory is almost slight, and they want us to fight at night

But don't worry dear we trust General Montgomery, i'm sure he'll lead us to victory. Dear the battle here is almost ending, i hope i can go home after serving the military, Be safe Dear and i'll make it clear that i'll come home

And be there with our son Kirk

Your dearest husband

Sgt. Joseph Jones

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