Nothing but the Unknown

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The poems in this book will be inspired by the books I am currently publishing as if written by the characters from my books. They are of mature, triggering, and dark themes.

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Dream or Reality

Lady in my Dream

She taunts me; she pains me deeply.

Knowing she is just in my dream, penetrates my very being.

I wake tormented and tortured, not having her in my embrace.

Her eyes transfixed on mine, deeply, seductively until I burn for her with every breath I take.

I now long for slumber, instead of waking moments.

Lady in my dream, do you exist, or are you just a dream within a dream?

Lady in my dream are you tangible? Can I reach you or do I need to find you?

Lady in my dream, I give you my everything. Want for nothing and come to me.

We who dream by day are aware of physical things, which escape those who dream only by the mist of the evening.

How can those we dream of be a mere fantasy?

Am I delusional in believing, she is more than a Lady in my dream?

I am not insane; at least I hope I am not. Only when I encounter my lady in my slumber; am I genuinely sane.

As she lay sleeping the opportunity to gaze upon her flesh arises and it leaves me unhinged.

We have not met, but I desire nothing more than to satiate the temptation to slumber all night and all day long.

Lady in my dream, my soul, is no longer my own.

Hunt her down

“Without knowing what you have done to me, you unleashed something that I subconsciously kept buried.

Once I find you, once I hunt you down, you will discover just what it is you do to me.

You have brought this upon yourself; you turned me into the man that’s left begging for your affection.

I will find you; I will hunt you down and shower you with all the devotion I have for you.

You have unleashed the demon, he’s craving for you and will stop at nothing to claim you!”

Tear me apart

Tear me apart with a dull razor

Tear me apart with your bare hands;

Piece by piece, slice my heart and devour it

Tear me apart with your disappearance

Tear me apart with your silence

Skin me alive; layer by layer as you devour

I hope you’re happy now; I hope you got your closure

Because I have none. I am left begging for mercy.

Put me out of my misery.

Slice and dice, slice and dice

Tear me apart and don’t think twice

Slice and dice, slice and dice

Leave my heart in shards

Tare me apart, tear me apart

I sense destruction as I pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

Tare me apart, tear me apart and break my heart.

Slice and dice, slice and dice

Tare me apart and don’t think twice

Slice and dice, slice and dice

Leave my heart in shards

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