The Musings of a Dark Mind

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What I relate to

So I’m parked up at the beach with my doggo, giving him beach sniffs, he’s been mauled you see, and he isn’t at his best, neither am I.

We’re not on the sand or walking around, just backed up in a bay with the wagon boot open so he can catch the wind and have a bit of chill.

I’m sitting here on the back of the car having a smoke while we take 5 and I see this weed coming up through the paving and I suddenly realise how much I relate to this weed.

Bare with me a minute while I explain...

Weeds are defined by flora that grows regardless of the circumstances and environment that surround them.

Here is this weed, squished, trodden on, battered by the elements, and crushed between two concrete flagstones, starved for light, air and suitable sustenance.

And yet it still grows.

It still spreads its petals and blossoms in the sunlight.

It weathers all that is thrown at it and continues to survive.

It grasps for any tiny drop of anything it needs and continues to grow.

Despite the environment around it.

Despite the circumstances.

Here it is.

Squished at my feet with some dead bits and a lot of damage, continuing to survive.

Just like my doggo. My best friend. My companion.

Just like me.

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