The Musings of a Dark Mind

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I have demons
They live in my head
Except for Theodore
He lives under my bed
He wraps me tight
In his scaly arms
And all night long
He keeps me from harm
He chases the demons off
One at a time
And allows me to sleep
Safe through the night
With his great big horns
He butts off the sharks
Who would rip off my limbs
And tear out my heart
With his giant clawed feet
He chases the bears
Who lurk in the shadows
Waiting their share
From his almighty roar
The demons do cower
Back to their hovels
Afraid of his power
But my Theodore needs sleep
Sometimes days at a time
And my demons creep back
Again in their prime
They scratch at the scabs
Of barely healed wounds
They tear me to shreds
And build my own tomb
They ruin my soul
And wreck my poor heart
Their demonic prowess
Is a dark form of art
I take to myself
With a shiny sharp knife
People don’t understand
My struggles of life
I do want to live
I want to survive
They don’t fight this war
In the dark of the night
And the light of the day
Every moment between
They don’t get what it means
To simply be me
Then Theodore flies in
Awake and refreshed
And ready to fight

Ready to defend

My Theodore saves me

Time and time again

I know he will be there

Right ’til the end

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