The Musings of a Dark Mind

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There's no Such Thing as JUST ONCE

Just once.

That beautiful little lie we all tell ourselves.

I’ll kiss him just once.

I’ll eat the cake just this once.

I can try this drug just once.

But deep down inside we know, we ALL know, there’s no such thing as just once. Because if you want it that badly in the first place, chances are you’ll want it again.

We are all addicted to something.

If you have to tell yourself ‘just once’ you already know it isn’t good for you.

Do you really think that guy you called a ‘junkie’ yesterday wakes up wanting to be addicted to drugs?

Or that girl your friends all call a slut, is she possibly addicted to sex?

How about that 1 person from highschool who was always really large, do you think they don’t see themselves like you do, or perhaps even worse and hate themselves for their addiction?

What is it that you are addicted to?

What is that 1 thing that you lie to yourself about saying “just this once?”

Don’t be a hypocrite and say nothing. You know it’s there, deep inside you.

You fight it. Every day.

Some days you win.

Some days you lose with the fake promise to yourself that it’s just once.

But that’s the problem right there, it’s just once... until next time.

Because there will always be a next time.

We can’t help it as humans, we were born to push our own boundaries and succumb to the guilty pleasures of our deepest desires.




Aren’t we interesting? Judging and persecuting others for the same lapses in judgment that we ourselves make.

Perhaps your addictions aren’t as destructive.

Perhaps your addictions won’t kill you or tear apart the people around you who love you.

But addicted you are.

And I am.

To something.

And we will all lapse in our addictions,

Just once.

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