Poetry Of A Beating, Broken Heart

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This is a collection of poetry that expresses the struggles of depression as well as anxiety. All poems are based off of my real life experiences. Writing these poems have helped me get through things over the years, and I hope they can do he same for others.

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Oh just grow up

Oh just grow up.

You can say it so easily without knowing of the pain that passes by each day.

Depression is so bad it physically aches to crawl out of bed.

Losing yourself at just one glance into the mirror. Not just because of the pain, But because it is a constant reminder of the Tears, the Tiredness. The redness in your eyes, the puffiness around your eyes.

Oh just grow up.

But anxiety is so bad it physically aches you to stay in bed Because you know everyone will forget and just move on and you'll just be left to ache all alone again.

Oh just grow up!

Is what they tell me. Growing up is not so easy. Growing up is not a simple command made to obey.

Oh just grow up!

My mind is torture. And you have no clue What these thoughts do to me. The thoughts lurking inside my head Far enough to see but never close enough to touch.

Oh just grow up!

But my mind is a battlefield! And I promise this exists I know you don't believe me, You though I was your perfect little girl.

But I am far from that Perfect. Little. Girl.

I'm sorry I'm not your perfect, little, girl.

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