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15) My Inner Demons

I've been arrested by my Anxiety,
Drowned by my Depression,
Plagued by my Pain,
Imprisoned by my Insecurities,
Suffocated by my Sorrow,
Fractured by my Fear,
And slaughtered by my Self-Hate.

I feel like this each and every day,
But I bottle it up and lock it away.
I tell myself that "I'll just deal with it another day.."

Well.. days turn into weeks,
Weeks become months,
Then months are now years..
And yet, I still have the same demons locked away

People tell me "I should talk about it.."
And "have you tried therapy??"
I tried talking about my demons..
But the problem isn't me or my demons,
It's that no one even listens..
So I stay silent.

Then they say that "it isn't healthy to keep it all in.."
And "hey, I'm here to listen."
But I get ignored and overwritten,
And if I do talk about them,
I feel like I'm nothing but a burden..
So, I stay silent in the background..
Unnoticed and forgotten..
Just another afterthought,
With those same demons locked away,
But they're still drowning me without a sound..
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