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This is a small collection of poems that I have written. I really hope you like them.

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1) Dear Father, (Pt. 1)

Why do I feel the pain from my past?

Why do you just sit there,

And stare without a care?

Why don't you see?

Can't you see how much you hurt me?

Thanks to you all I can see

Are the scars that you gave me.

And thanks to the fear,

The fear that you gave me,

I can't breathe whenever we meet.

Why do I still cry at night?

Why do I feel that I should hide,

Hide who I really am on the inside?

I've tried to make things right,

But it feels like no one is on my side!

I've tried and tried,

But I still feel like I'm losing my mind!!


I don't know what you want me to be,

But I'm not your machine!

I am a human being,

And I still do have feelings...

At least,

I think I do…

It's hard to tell,

When it feels like there's a demon,

A demon inside of me,

Right where my heart should be.

All I hear is it screaming,

Yelling at me!

Everyone says I should ignore it

And follow my dreams,

But with a demon in me,

I can't dream.

I feel like I can't see,

Can't breathe…

I just want to scream,

To scream until I can't anymore!


Why can't I have one night,

Just one night of peace to dream!

You know what?


I just remembered…

All of my dreams died at age 5.

I remember because,

That's when the darkness took over.


Goodbye my (not so) Dear Father.


Your Daughter

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