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17) You Think You Know Me?

I've been arrested by my Anxiety,
Drowned by my Depression,
Plagued by my Pain,
Imprisoned by my Insecurities,
Suffocated by my Sorrow,
Fractured by my Fear,
Slaughtered by my Self-Hate,
I gave way to my Grief,
And lost myself in my Loneliness..

But you say you know me?
You know everything about me?
But here's the truth:
You know my name, not my story..
You see my smile, not my pain..
You notice my cuts, not my scars..
You can read my lips, not my mind..
You've heard what I've done, not what I've been through..
If you were in my shoes, you'd fall on the first step.

Even I couldn't find the light
I couldn't fight anymore, so l lost myself
Leaving an empty shell of myself behind
A shell of lost hopes and forgotten dreams
I know I need to go out and live,
But it's hard when you feel half alive
Broken and beaten your own inner demons
I'm trying to find the way out of the chaos
And for a reason to fight
But I cry at night
Because I'm trying
Trying to find my own Light..

Did you even notice?
Or did you believe the lie?
You know, the one where I said I was fine?
Because I'm really not..
It feels like I'm trapped in a black sea,
Sinking further into the dark abyss,
Forever lost, but never missed

I tried talking about my inner demons..
But the problem isn't me or my inner demons,
It's that no one even listens
I get ignored and overwritten,
I feel like a burden..
So I stay silent in the background..
Unnoticed and forgotten..
Just another afterthought,
With my inner demons locked away,
But still drowning me without a sound
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