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18) My Happy Mask

Every one wishes they had my life..
But they only see what I show them.

I'll listen to all of their problems..
So I can try to fix mine alone.

Every one has stuff they need to work out..
So why make it harder on them by telling them mine?

If you try to get close to me,
Please don't get upset if you fail..
I just don't want anyone to see my demons.

I feel anxiety and sadness all the time..
But I hide it all behind a mask.

Although I do have friends.. I mostly rely on the night, the music, and the mirror to comfort me,
Because they're the only ones that truly understand me.

The truth is that the night hides less monsters than the day..

The music let's me know I'm not alone..

But when I look in the mirror, I don't recognize the person I see..

All I see in the mirror is a hollowed out shell of myself..

*Side Note: This poem was inspired by (Credit to) @alex.goldie on TikTok. I DO NOT pirate, plagiarize or take credit for other people's work.*
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