The Darkness.. and the Light

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I think I'm going crazy.. No really!
These voices in my head
Making me wish I was dead.
But the worst part is that it was you..
You're the one that tore my heart apart!

They put me on a stage,
And expect me to be on the same page..
Even though I'm locked in a cage..
Even though I suppress my own rage..
I try to be fun, but they tell me to "act my age"

And in the same breath, ask why I'm so depressed..
Even if I wanted to explain, I can't.
I don't know if it's me, or my brain..
But I can't talk about my pain.. I'm not insane!!
I open my mouth to say what's on my mind..
but nothing comes out.. No really!

I try to scream, try to shout..
But nothing comes out!
I need a way out of the dark..
I need a way to fix my own heart!
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