The Darkness.. and the Light

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21) If was/I'd be..

If I was a tree,
You would be the sun helping me from big and strong

If I was a planet,
You would be the star that my world orbits

If I was the stars above,
You would be an astronomer;
And you wouldn't get tired of staring aimlessly up at me

If I was a book,
I'd be your favorite one.. the one you'd read over and over

If I was a movie,
I'd be the one you watch all the time.. you'd know Evey line off by heart

If I was a dog or a cat,
I'd be your favorite breed.. you'd take me on all your adventures.. always somewhere new, and always together

If I was anything else,
I'd be all your favorite things.. because I know you love me no matter what.

Even though we are miles away,
We found a way to love one another anyway!
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