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2)!Goodbye.. (Pt. 2)

The world is a dark place,

But I fear my soul is darker.

The creativity inside of me,

Is bursting at the seams.


I can feel the light inside

Slowly receding, retreating, leaving me.

I try to grab it and pull it back,

But the darkness is on the attack.


Everyday I hide my pain and fear inside.

And I know that there's a price to pay,

And I know that one day I'm gonna wish I never paid.

But what price is there to pay?

I'm already full of loneliness,

I'm already friendless,

I've already given every thing that there's to give,

I've already lost every thing that I have to lose.

I have no dignity or pride;

Because I'm already dead inside!


If you're looking for the real me,



Because she died at age 5.

Don't waste you're time trying to revive,

Because I refuse to live a dead life!



In my eyes,

I'm not worth a dime,

Or a penny!

I'm sorry,

if I come across as petty;

Or if it seams I only care for me.

But you see,

My life is already full of dead dreams.

So in order to fully die,

To truly end my life,

I need to say my final...


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