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3) If Life was

If life was a soundtrack,

What would it sounds like?

Would they reveal the feelings..

The feelings that you hide inside?

Or would they be what you show?

I don't know...

If life was a story,

How would it start?

Would it be "Once a time..?"

Or "Long ago there was..?"

Who would tell your tale?

Would they see the feelings that you locked away?

Would the story be true?

Or maybe false?

I don't know...

If life was a movie,

Who would write it?

Who would put everything together for it?

Would any theater or Cinema even show it?

What parts of life would they not show?

I don't know...

And honestly,

Life is not a soundtrack,

Not a storybook,

And not a movie.

Life is life;

It's hard,

Maybe a little complicated,

But it's mostly beautiful.

Life can be amazing,

Or it can really suck..

Life is really what you make it.

No one can tell you how to live your life...

They can give you advice,

But that's all it is... Advice.

You choose whether or not you follow it.

You only live once...

Don't waste it.

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