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I feel in the moment of things. But I can’t verbalize my thoughts. It gets lost in translation somewhere. My hand, however, the connection is as thick as blood. Join me as I poemize (is that even a word) my life’s experiences and people. Thanks!

Poetry / Romance
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Introduction to Myself

Why do I choose this form of art?

Why not depict my emotions in.

drawings or beautiful paintings full of

vibrant colors?

Why not screech my moods out with a song, or beep-bop a tune on a horn?

Because I can draw subconsciously

but the moment I try,

my artwork turns into a picture of

sticks and scribbles

drawn by a two-year old

and I break down with frustration.

Because if I screech out my moods

I sound like just that:

a screeching banshee

or the seagull from

The Little Mermaid.

And there are too many songs and

at the same time not enough

to tell my moods.

On top of that, I am a drummer.

I am loud and obnoxious

and make no sense unless you listen closely or you know how

and no one does.

I choose words because

they make people feel.

Music hides the original meaning

or gives a new one.

Visual art can be depicted as

so many things.

But words on paper

flat out tell you what they mean

and how they want you to feel

and that’s what I’m here to do.

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