VENT by Mimzy11

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My mom always warned me about these drugs on the streets, but she forgot to mention the ones that took the form of a melanin king with honey brown eyes and a hypnotic smile. That was her first mistake because at the age of eighteen I was hooked, to the most dangerous drug: Love...specifically his.

So just like a junkie who got his fix from the very first pull of his Mary Jane, I got mine every single time he pulled me in for a hug and I got ambushed by his cologne.

Being cuddled up to his body supplied me with the same warmth that the first few shots of Patron offered as it glides down the throat. Every caress brought me to cloud nine.

Every stroke of his finger against my body brought me closer and closer to ecstasy, till I felt like I fell off a precipice and floated away like I snorted five line of snow.

I guess that way it hurt so bad when he left. My body decided that I had betrayed it and went through drug withdrawals. Cause that's the only thing that could compare to the pain when I lay alone in bed at night.

My body breaks into a cold sweat as I pant for one of his hugs, my lungs lose all function and the blood starts to roar in my ear. My body writhes in pain as my palm itches just to hold him close. That's when the hallucinations begin and I picture his beautiful eyes, causing me to slowly drift asleep and hear him whisper "muffin" below his breath, but when I open my eyes his gone like the wind and all that's left are the memories.

Then I begin to cry but all of my tears are dried up, so i'm just left with sleepless nights and anxiety when i'm among people. Then the depression settles in and I cant help but think what I had done to deserve this, but I know that I could never get an answer, which leads to the conclusion that this must be a withdrawal.

It couldn't just be a broken heart! There's no way it could hurt this bad

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