VENT by Mimzy11

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To the me I was before,

The me... I now have lost...

Dear old me,

I miss you

I miss the comfort of your silence

The silence I didn't understand,

The silence I wish would come back...

But now can't get back

Dear old me,

I miss you

For t'was only you

Who knew the value of our silence

See, this new me and I

We just can't get along

Dear old me,

I miss you

For this new me has shown me

What our silence really means

It only took the realization that our voice...

Our voice can't and won't be heard

See this new me doesn't yet get it

She still finds it hard to accept

That her voice, her opinions

They don't really matter to others

Dear old me,

We understood...


We accepted, that our place...

Our place, is in the background

But this new me,

She wants to fly

But her wings are broken

She wants to love

And be loved...

But it's already taken

She's lost

Dear old me,

Come back...

...This new me has lost her voice...

...She has lost her fight...

Dedicated to her

By Jamiee

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