My Dear Stranger

By pavitra All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Romance

Chapter 1

For my own selfish reason I want you stop appearing in front of me.

I don’t know you, it’s just the mere illusion that I have fallen for.

It’s not you.

And I don’t want to know you.

If I fall for you, for real, for who you are.

Then I could not convince myself that it isn’t true.

I want to believe that I fallen for the image I have created using your existence.

By doing so I can keep believing what I’m feeling is not real.

I can somehow someday move on.

Just stay where you are now, the world you belong to.

Don’t come to mine, even if I wish for that to happen.

I have learnt,

You cannot always control your heart

But you can always fool your heart,

You don’t have to deny it,

You can simply avoid it’s wishes.

It doesn’t hurt, again I’m just going believe it doesn’t.

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