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Words and rhythms are what my stories are made of. Each chapter contains a different story, different emotions... i hope you will enjoy them ❤❤❤ It's my first time sharing my writings i hope i can have your support Follow me to receive notification about the new addition 😘 XOXO Sacha 🌹

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1 : Confession of a hopeless romantic

She's lost in his memories, dates felt like centuries

She's lost in his words, his gazes hunting her world.

She's lost in his sweetness, goofiness and kindness

She's lost in his attitude, sometimes lame but never rude

She's lost in what ever details his heart and body contain

True she's lost but definatly glade that it's him she found

She's a prisoner of his love yet it's home

She's a prisoner of his love yet its home

It doesn't feel wrong cause it's all she wants

Though she's in an absolute war between her mind and soul

A mind asking her to let go before the storm ruins it all

And a soul that holds on hoping to find a rainbow

She wont ask for any redemption if his love is a sin

She wont ask for any freedom if his love is a cage

She wont ask for any reason if his love means madness

She wont ask for any light if his love means darkness

She asks for courage to let him know

That he fails to feel her welcoming love

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