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A collection of poetry written by Ana I. Díaz.

Poetry / Mystery
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Never Will

I loved once more. A fucking whore. To name the pain, the power you gain. Go on your way & I’ll stick to mine. I’ll push you back, leave you behind. The fault is there along with time. The truth is now a fucking crime. The rise against a blood in boil... come back again?

Your heart is spoiled. The dead in me, the faith in you. BECAUSE YOU FUCKED, now I can too. To choose my route, stay on my side. Be on my own, commit to mine. You say I’ve changed? Well so have you. About the time you asked me to. But not by words only by deeds.

You dirty bitch, just keep your seeds. And now I know I’m up against. Another con, another trend. Another who another what, just another you in another slut. So while you’re here to break shit up, I’m building high & boarding up. What you once knew but never will.

Never will...

Never will...

Never will...

Ever know once again. What could have sprung, what could have been.

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