Realities: A Book of Poems

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You tell me you want to succeed.

You tell me that you are what I need.

All you did was tell me I can't,

But then I begin to have success

And suddenly I cam

I tell you I want to move on with my life.


You tell me you want me to stay.


Live with someone you trust, you say

But the person I trust the most,

You're telling me not to live with!

What am I supposed to do?

Every decision I make isn't news.

I'm trying to get out from under your thumb

But you're treating me like I'm dumb

I'm suffocating, I can barely breathe

As my depression slowly takes over me

I was getting better,

I was on my way out of this cage

Only to be thrown back in by the very people

I trusted to help me age

He's done, he's sick of it

Seeing the darkness around me

He's trying to bring me to the light

But you keep pulling me back in

So now we're at a crossroads

Time to make a decision

The choices are light or darkness

Make sure your decision isn't reckless.

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