Realities: A Book of Poems

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I look in the mirror, and what do I see?

A stranger staring back at me.

Who is this person people have come to know?

It isn't the one I want to show.

I was happy.

I was energetic.

My entire childhood was hectic.

Filled with excitement and mystery

Only to turn into misery.

The halls are dark and cold,

Like January nights.

But it's time to change that.

You are no longer welcome.

You control, not help them.

I'm in this box.

It's time to get out,

Because all you do is cause me to whine and pout.

I have goals in life.

I want to be someone's wife.

No longer shall I live with fright.

There will be light.

I will look in the mirror and see someone worthwhile,

Not some stranger, in the middle of a pile.

Goodbye cloudy days and stormy nights,

For this young woman can fight.

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