Realities: A Book of Poems

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I Was There For You

I stand before the individual I once called a friend

This is where our friendship comes to an end

I never told you to pretend,

But now it’s too late to make amends

I gave you support when you needed it most.

I felt neglected as a host.

Even though I told you whatever floats your boat.

I accepted you for who you were.

My intentions were pure.

But you twisted my words,

And shattered the friendship we worked so hard towards.

I would have been there for you

If only I knew,

I would have pulled through.

And our friendship would have been made new.

But you refused

And let me assume

Then you would get angry with me

When I looked confused

I was there when people persecuted you.

When she said it was just a phase,

And your friends were so few.

You and I saw through the haze.

I felt betrayed.

Our friendship’s road was one-way.

You created a game that I no longer wished to play.

Our friendship was toxic

You changed your identity

Without telling me

And made me feel as though I had no oxygen.

Call me a hater.

Call me a traitor.

But I was doing what I felt would make my emotional health better

And in the end, it didn’t matter.

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