Realities: A Book of Poems

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What Is Love?

Love is a red rose

It sounds like a newly lit flame

And it tastes like a spoonful of honey

It smells like a piece of chocolate

It looks like a beating heart

And makes me feel warm

Love is the color of blushing cheeks

It sounds like slow, instrumental music

And tastes like mint

It smells like lavender

It looks like a thunderstorm

And makes me feel tender

Love is a beating heart

It sounds soft and comforting

And tastes like a spring of water

It smells like sweet pea perfume

It looks like a walk in the moonlight

And makes me feel safe and wanted

Love is the warmth of friendship

It sounds loud and energetic

And tastes like a home-cooked meal

It smells like pumpkin spice

It looks like a picnic in the backyard

And makes me feel overjoyed

Love is a dance

It sounds smooth and elegant

And tastes like peppermint

It smells like the salty ocean

It looks like a wedding

And makes me feel cheerful

Love is hard

It sounds aggressive and painful

And tastes like bitter coffee

It smells like rotten eggs

It looks like fire, beautiful and dangerous

And makes me feel stressed

Love is its own pace

It sounds like wheels on a track

And tastes like sour patch kids

It smells like cotton candy

It looks like a roller coaster

And makes me feel enthusiastic

Love is family

It sounds chaotic

And tastes like an orange

It smells like a bonfire

It looks like a newborn baby

And makes me feel secure

Love is the support from those around you

It sounds intense

And tastes like a Carolina Reaper pepper

It smells like strawberries

It looks like a graduation party

And makes me feel supported

Love is like a calm evening

It sounds like crickets

And tastes like sweet berries

It smells like freshly cut grass

It looks like the sunset

And makes me feel comfort

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