Cycling in smoggy street

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A piece of pose about the massive smog and feeling of the cyclist ,cycling in the streets.

Poetry / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I feel the smog, burning my eye,

Like a flake in the belly of fire fly.

Blurring the vision of mine;

Shuts my brain, but it feeble back to light;

Teasing my hairs in the many pipes;

Splashing mucous with all their might.

There comes the streams blocking my breath;

Question of mercy,on the lungs of mine.

Fear mocking me of taking next time;

My legs still working on claiming my right.

A coin in my belly, still screeching my rind;

My heart still beating in the delirium of its end.

The heat in my soul, like hundred degrees;

Rising out of the core in a grind;

Blazers, striking my face in a ring.

There it stumbles again and again;

I hope to survive in the massive cloud of smog.

That threats to take many lives;

Of human race who thrives;

For the release from the hives;

Of the beasts that might take your life.

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