Fondling in dark Streets

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This poem is about the crisis and chaos that other living creatures have to face due to ignorance and carelessness of the most superior creature human,

Poetry / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I see the droop branches of trees;

On the side of empty streets.
Begging for sympathy on their leaves;
The leaves raze by the air .

There comes the blazer from one side ;
Dusting on their leaves,glowing dull yellow.
I hear the fall of leaves on dust;
How could they survive in such a gust.

The trees beyond me;
Seemed to whirl away in smog.
Like a post when its soaked;
I feel my past vanishing in it.

There comes the cat , coughing with all her might;
Can't figure whats right.
Staring at me with her cold steady eyes;
With one question in her mind ;
Who made you the king of mine.
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