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Hot Sunny Day

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This poem reflects the scene of a hot sunny day in equatorial countries .No doubt that sunny day is very valuable to Europeans .But having an experience in a practical life on a beach of Arabian sea in summer. I thought to share my feelings with you guys .

Poetry / Humor
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Chapter 1

Fasting on a sunny day.

What a crazy lump of clay;
On the side of golden bay.
What a crazy sunny day.

Sun burning like a flame;
Everybody is laying lame.
Still, I have just one claim;
Why sun is all at blame?

Waves crashing at the coast;
It's all that's most;
What I haven't lost;
On the day of zero frost.

All that surrounds me is blue.
Still, I haven't a single clue;
What brings people to have this view;
In these flames in form of dew?

I am looking like a streak;
In this queer meek.
Everybody's walking like a creep;
In these golden streets.

Sunny day is like a play;
Which starts without a delay.
Shines bright, just like hay;
What a crazy sunny day.

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