Wet poetry

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Fallen in~love

This poet came from the heart

A short poet to start the read.

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Irises are purple,

but my love for you is white."

Love is a sensation

It's unexplainable

It's the state of mind and soul

As one heart.

As your dashing eyes fix on me

I melt like butter on steam

A smile from your face makes my day

As we walk hand in hand as one.

Your soft hair and cute smile

Is a picture in my mind that I can't deny

We fell in love with each other


But express our love externally.

There's only three words that makes me tick

But their uncompared to the words you say.

Love strikes

Like a bolt of lightening

Truly this isn't love at first sight

But love at first thought.

...... hoping you love wet poetry❣️❣️

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