Madman Ruby

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Poetry / Action
Maestro Kitty
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Madman Ruby

In the streets of lawless Limburg Town,

Quite the rumor was going around.

Some strange young dame (or maybe a sir)

Had just came in, without a word.

Paul met them first, inside his bar,

Their hair was black as bubbling tar.

He got terrified by those ruby eyes,

And he ran right out, past the county line.

The local thugs, Ole' Davey's boys,

Had tried to mug 'em with their sharp new toys.

And all we saw from the aftermath

Was that stranger laughing in the blood red path.

It wasn't long before we'd find

That madman helped us out of a bind.

The law returned, at the cost of life,

And was enforced by that hunter's knife.

One day, they left, I don't know why.

But still, their presence never did die.

Whenever a thug feels those ruby eyes,

His pals soon discover of his demise.

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