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~Journey through the sad and dark moments of life in the form of poetry. ~ Warning: This book covers dark content such as bullying, anxiety, depression, suicide, etc. This may trigger some people so please read at your own risk. © 2020, Lifelight. All rights reserved.

Poetry / Adventure
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Authors Note

Warning: This book covers dark content such as bullying, anxiety, depression, suicide, etc. This may trigger some people so please read at your own risk.


This is a rule for all my viewers.

No one is allowed to write comments that are intended in a hurtful manner to each other or me.

Criticism and unnecessary comments to degrade someone are completely different things.




To my beloved readers, thank you for choosing to read this book. I recommend reading this Author’s note before reading the book. It will help clarify a few things.

Viatrix is a Latin word that is the female version of Viator meaning voyager or traveler. We all are like voyagers traveling through life trying to find the purpose of our existence but sometimes we face challenges and difficult situations that we want to stop our journey permanently.

This book’s main purpose is to tell everyone out there who feel like they are worthless or useless that they are NOT ALONE. That they are important, beautiful, and amazing creatures who should not be influenced by the ugliness in our society to such an extent that they wish to disappear.

This book mainly summarizes the struggles I have faced and am still facing which makes me feel like shit but it will also highlight the happy moments in life that have helped me not disappear.

Life is a journey that is extremely crappy if you let it be that way.

Cheesy? I know but it’s the truth. It’s the damn truth.

Always remember,

Despite how crappy life gets,

Despite the fact, you have been shunned and disregarded,

You still faced your troubles.

If someone else would have been in whatever painful situation you have been in, I have full faith that they would not have been able to survive as you did.

That’s something to be proud of.

Feel free to criticize me and point my mistakes. I will edit them as soon as possible.

I hope all of you enjoy reading Viatrix.

Please don’t forget to like, comment, and review Viatrix.

Have a wonderful day



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