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Losing Me

I am sorry I am worthless,

I am sorry I am ugly,

I am sorry I am useless,

I am sorry I am not what you wanted to be.

You think I am arrogant and selfish,

You think I am a bitch,

But in reality, I am in pain.

Is it so wrong to feel broken?

Is it so wrong to feel numb?

All I did was tell you how I felt while sobbing out loud,

But all you did was shout at me with anger and disgust,

Telling me I was being stupid for drowning in sadness,

Telling me I was a fool,

At that moment I wanted to disappear,

And go away for good.

As more tears started falling,

I became the drama queen,

I became the liar,

I became the one disrupting the peace of our house,

And then I realized that I was a burden.

So henceforth,

I will hide,

I will disappear emotionally,

I will do what whatever it takes to be what you wish for me to be,

I will do your bidding,

Even if it means losing me.

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