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Your judgment is required,

Your opinion matters,

You’re a Royal in my world.

Have I written this correctly?

Am I looking pretty enough?

Here I did your work,

Here is the gift you wanted,

I hope you like it.

In reality, you loved it,

You loved my attention,

You love it when I fussed upon you.

But why is it when I needed help, I was clingy?

Why was it that I was the dependant one?

Every time I tried to make you evaluate your behavior,

You used your power of validation,

And twisted it around,

And the past me was never strong enough,

So, the only thing she did was apologize.

Looking back, I finally see the humor,

I mean it must have looked like I had a tumor,

Afterall I lost my mind while trying to understand yours,

But still, I did not let our friendship falter,

Because without you I had Atelophobia.

A/N: Atelophobia is the phobia of never being good enough. Sometimes we have this one person that influences our life choices and then one day it hits you that your life is decided based on their comfort, not yours but you still stay because without them you feel as if you have no identity. Without them, you think you’re never good enough.

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