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The year was finally over,

And holidays had begun,

Winter had made itself evident,

But I hadn’t noticed because I was suffering from anhedonia.

After the jolly greetings,

I went to my lonely room,

And finally allowed myself to busticate,

Releasing sounds of alew.

I was crying because this was my first time alone,

I was crying because I didn’t know what else to do.

The feeling of drapetomania engulfed me

And the misanthrope in me awoke.

Then I came to the conclusion,

That I will whelve my emotions,

To stop myself from being vulnerable.


1.Busticate- to break into pieces

2.Alew- a cry of despair

3.Drapetomania- an overwhelming urge to run away

4.Misanthrope- a person who dislikes humankind

5.Whelve- to hide

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