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Hidden People

Oh, how great are we at fooling people,

With our happy, carefree laughs

Why would anyone think something is adrift?

If we could get a dollar for every time we put on a facade,

We would be living like royalty,

With grand castles and humongous mansions.

But we would never let anyone enter,

Because if they ever saw our dark walls

They would tear us apart.

You think you know us,

But you really don’t,

Our faces are manipulating,

But our eyes are not.

Eyes are the windows to our souls,

They show who we truly are.

If you ever look into our eyes,

You will realize,

Our soul is surrounded in darkness,

Mocked with loneliness,

Disorientated with anxiety,

Mislead by depression,

And tortured by pain.

Why do we never come out you say?

Every time we try,

We are given pity,

Not support.

We hear angry voices,

Not calming melodies.

We are looked with disgust,

Not love.

No one sees that we are broken,

No one hears our muffled cries through the night.

Some say they care,

But that’s a lie

When we really need them,

They say goodbye.

We are unwanted,

So, we fulfill your wishes.

We forever remain the hidden people.

This is probably the longest poem I have ever written. I know it is not exactly rhyming but I am proud of it. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Quick question, How many of us are like the hidden people?

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