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Trust Issues

Now that I know the truth about the world,

I can finally say with guarantee,

That trusting people is morosis,

It really is the stupidest of stupidities.

People are monsters with pretty faces,

The prettiest have the most malevolent intentions,

The kindest is the cruelest,

And the happiest are sadists.

So, if you come up to me and expect me to believe you,

Please go away,

Because I am done with this world’s vicious ways.

We say go to hell,

But the reality is exactly like how Jean-Paul Sartre said,

We don’t need to go to another place,

Because hell is other people.

I am the way I am,

Because people change people,

And this is how their actions have changed me.

So, don’t you dare say I am rude or prideful or a snob,

Without knowing anything about me.

I am not arrogant,

Nor do I have a big ego,

It’s really simple,

I just don’t trust people.

So, I guess you can say,

I have trust issues.



1.Morosis- Stupidest of stupidities

2.Malevolent- Evil minded

Jean-Paul Sartre was a French philosopher and novelist. I haven’t read any of his works but I have read a few proses from his work on Pinterest.

Just a few more chapters to go. I can’t believe it! I am about to finish Viatrix. I am feeling nostalgic for some reason. Lol!

Let me know what is your favorite poem till now.

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