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If I ever had to choose a word that I detest the most,

It has to be 'expectations',

Because they are my most terrifying ghosts.

Expectations are the root of all judgment, misery, greed, and despair,

Because if not fulfilled,

They torment you and trap you in the cage of failure.

And failure is a demon,

A devious little thing,

That won’t leave you,

Even if you go to sleep.

It will whisper in your mind,

So, that you can stay awake during the night,

And in the morning,

When you open your eyes,

You see the chains of pain the devil has tied you with,

And these chains are the reason why you drown in the sea of anxiety and sorrow.

These chains are the reason you don’t wish to see another tomorrow.

So here is my simple request,

Abide by it,

Please don’t have expectations from me,

Because it only brings me misery.


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How many of us hate expectations?

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