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The Beginning

The beginning of everything,

It was a wonderful dream.

That was the time filled with happy laughter,

With no care in the world,

We did what our heart desired.

But I guess that’s when it all went wrong,

Because you desired more,

Your hunger started increasing

And your greed started manipulating.

Yet I ignored it all,

Thinking it was a phase that would go away,

But that was my greatest mistake.

I let you take me for granted,

I let you do what you wish,

I let you make me feel worthless,

And cage me in the prison of my mind.

It was all my fault as usual,

Not yours at all,

Because it was my false hope that made me delusional.

I hoped it was a phase because I had seen you as my savior,

I had let you take me for granted because I thought you would always hold on to me tight,

I let you do what you wish because I thought you would never hurt a soul,

But I had been wrong,

I let you destroy me.

You threw me off the cliff,

As I was falling, I looked at you

And was shocked

The angel I once knew turned into a demon before my eyes,

What I had thought was the beginning of a beautiful dream,

Was the beginning of my nightmare,

It was the beginning of the end of my world.

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