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Not the only one

Today I observed.

I observed the people at my school, the people walking on the street, and the people in the park.

And I finally learned.

I learned that in a scene of people smiling and laughing,

Someone is hurting.

But despite their own issues,

They try to be caring.

I learned that behind the kindest eyes,

Is a soul that has cried the most.

I learned that the one who cares the most,

Is a soul that has never been cared for.

I learned that the one who laughs the most,

Is a soul that is filled with sadness.

Now I see the world with brand new eyes,

And finally, realize,

That I am not the only one who’s hurting.

So, I make a promise to myself,

That I vow to never break,

Despite all my troubles,

I will try to be kinder,

I will try to be more understandable,

Instead of taking actions that might be fatal.

Now that I know that I am not the only one,

I no longer need an abditory,

Because I now see lost souls,

Who have helped me find a home.


Abditory- A place to hide.

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