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Authors Note

Thank you all so much for reading my book Viatrix. I hope all of you enjoyed it. Thank you for all the lovely reviews and comments.

Also, I have some great news!

Exactly 16 minutes after posting the last chapter, I receive an email by Inkitt that Viatrix has been approved by the editorial team at Inkitt, and will now be visible in the site listings. This means it will be part of recommendations when someone clicks on the poetry genre on Inkitt.

This was possible only because of you guys. I am so effing grateful for your support.

So, I need your help.

From now on I will be editing Viatrix and if there are some areas you think need editing please let me know either on my Inkitt wall or message me on Tumblr or Instagram (asenalicht is my handle on both platforms).

Also, I am going to write a sequel to Viatrix. I don’t know when it will be posted as I have exams coming up soon but I will inform you guys.

I also am working on a storybook and I have it outlined. I just need to write it. I am planning on writing 15 chapters ahead of time for this book so that it is more flexible for me and you guys get weekly updates 😊.

Again, I have not decided on the publishing date and all that stuff but I will update you guys as soon as possible.

Please stay safe during these tough times. Talk to someone you can trust if things get overbearing. It doesn’t have to be a person. It can be an animal or plant too. Just let it out of your system. It helps a lot.

Have a glittery day <3💖💖

Love a very grateful author,

Lifelight 💞

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