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Losing You

Till this day I keep wondering,

How did we go on the wrong track?

We all were best friends,

But I guess I was wrong.

That day when I came back,

I expected happy chuckles and playful teasing,

Instead, I got snide remarks and hurtful pranking.

I just froze,

Not because I was afraid,

But because I couldn’t believe the reality.

You had betrayed me,

And hurt me in ways I didn’t know was possible.

The moment I came back home,

I ran to my room,

Shaking inside out.

I wasn’t shaking out of fear,

I was shaking out of pain,

Because I realized that you needed me for more power,

And once your desire came true,

You decided to cut me loose.

You were loyal to your needs,

Never to me,

And that was the day I started losing you.

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