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Pretty Ugly

I look in the mirror every day,

And I say,

“I hate you.

You are too fat,

You have got a wonky nose,

Pimples love making your forehead your home.

You have thighs that look like chicken wings,

And bushy eyebrows that look like caterpillars.

Is that underarm fat I see?

You are cursed for sure.

Anything you wear makes you look like a whore.”

Then I grab a thick jacket and go to school,

Which is just a place to remind me that

I am a fool.

It starts with their gazes,

Looking at me everywhere I go,

Then it’s the whispering,

Which turns into laughter.

I am an inside joke,

Whose life everyone is after.

At least I have my friends you say?

Does this look like a fairy-tale with a happily ever after?

My friends are like iPhone notifications,

That send me reminders like,

“Your spectacles look thicker,

Your hand looks swollen.

You have a double chin,

You should go on a diet pill.

Don’t you know you, idiot?

No one will want you if you're unattractive”

Well then, I guess I don’t deserve happiness or love,

After all, I am pretty ugly.

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