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Shards of Agony

Dear di-a-ry
Hey, it’s just me
Can I vent here?
Maybe just breathe...

Nothing I do is ever enough
It’s always anger
Never giving a fuck
What I didn’t do
What isn’t finished
What should have been done
Why is it still blemished?!

If I prepare ahead of time
Things had been changed
I should have been realigned
‘Come on, get with the program!’
‘Fix your face, before I fix it for you’
’Why are you never happy,
Do we bore you?′

The circles keep intersecting
The margins blurred and slurred
Heads or tails, I’m stuck with the edge
A perfect, miracle landing

Anger through the Ages
Sorrows through the Silence
Bitterness in the Betrayals
Hatred from the Horror
Crushed in the Crossfire
Regretting the Resiliency
Damaged and Dying inside

How else am I supposed to respond
When life is unreachable as the grass
What am I supposed to hope
When I’m forever wishing
To hold the morning dew

Why can’t the night stay calm
Just like this, for a little bit longer
Spent in counting the sands of time
Flowing ever closer to the morning dawn
That will wreak more spiraling emotions

Hey di-a-ry
Why is it just me?!
Can I stay here?
Maybe just disappear...

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