Flash Poet

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Night is one time when I can never lie
Because the shadows have always been by my side
Through my silent anger and soundless temper tantrums
During every agonized sadness and teary eyes
Muffled apologies and cut off curses

They have always comforted me
The monsters under my bed provide release
From the ones living inside my head
Protection from the ones breathing
In the rooms next to me

Every nightmare a relief
Assuring me that everything is screwed up but ok
The ghosts of fear reassuring at least they will always be here
Because dreams often don’t come true
Unless it’s someone else’s, pitted against you

Every freeze up during the daylight hours
The panicked attempts to correct myself
Synapses short-circuiting at the most critical moments
Worries that get me worked up into frenzied
All wash away for this small window of darkness

I couldn’t bear to part with my beloved
This rendezvous a witching hour
Feeding my own creations and fascinations
These shadows willingly take control
Of wayward thoughts without taming their ferocity

I will forever be grateful to the night
For its many blessings and reliefs
As long as the sun continues
To dip below the horizon
My haven will always be there to welcome me home

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