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Sober Is The New Drunk

I can get lit
Lose all my inhibitions
Get loose, hit the ground
Go with the flow

Feeling beautiful
Ain’t a good girl
See these clothes, and my moves
Watch as I put on a real show

All it really is, is a choice
To get crunk or stay a prude
I don’t need alcohol or mixers
In order to get there either

That hangover accompanies
Your indulgence of a lost choice
While my self induced high
Lasts until I’m tired of flying

Sweet tooth? Give me butterscotch
Like it strong? Coffee got the monopoly
Wanna forget just for tonight?
Dance your ass off under the flashing lights

Spinning till your dizzy
Twerk while you flirt
Why ruin such a sensuous game
With a taint of liquor on the rocks

My spark is due to electrifying energy
I only accept those who can keep up with me
I’m not wasting a chance of romance
On another who only wants to get smashed

I’m feeling lucky, no one able to stop me
Total minx under the music, don’t forget to blink
Sorry doll, you may be cool and all…
But to me, Sober is the new Drunk

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