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The Resilience of A Tear

Sitting on the brink of it’s world
Before being evicted all at once
Slave to gravity, unable to stop
Growing slower as it dissipates
Eaten alive by the skin underneath

Others flow faster
Following the trails blazed
Glistening as they too
Travel across the dips and raises

A steady stream
A silent scream
Carving itself down a cheek
Around a nose and finally
Over the chin it goes

Tears dripping down
Free falling to unknown doom
Whilst others lead a different path
Leaving an itchy tickle along the neck
Staining the fabric a darker grey

Further progress dependent on
A million more tears to shed
When your shirts’ neckline
Is completely saturated

The skin underneath
Perpetually damp and clammy
Only then does anyone ever realize
The resilience of a Tear
Paves the way for change to happen

Slowly but surely

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