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Lingering Memories

What if the phantom hugs
Gentle pats and the imagined warmth
Were actually real
At some point, years ago?

Remembering how it felt
To hold someone in your arms
Or what it felt like to hold
The weight of another in your grasp

These sweet fragmented eternities
Each savored and fondly remembered
Held tight to their hearts
Sparking happiness with their presence

Maybe it could work the other way round
Where during lonely moments
You recall what it felt to hold someone’s hand
So clearly that you can almost believe it’s real

On cold and Hollow nights in bed
You think about what it would feel like
To cuddle close and sleep next to someone
Wrapped up in arms, a calming warmth on your back

Longings made less urgent
By the tender caresses of memory
Soothed by what was thought an imaginary friend
But was actually a real event... long ago

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