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Seasonal Friendships

Every introvert owes their friendships

To the extrovert who found them
But the real bonds are forged
When two such finds meet through
That very same catalyst that leaves
Because what they leave behind isn’t another passing trifle
But a newly founded ‘ride or die’ devotion

When the shy become emboldened
We become possessive over ours
It’s hard to gain the trust of someone
You will eventually grow tired of
The only way to prove anything
Is by repeatedly staying by their sides
No matter how long past, you never give up on them

Like fostering affection from a lone wolf
Once you join the pack, there’s no turning back
You will be loved, cared for, and most likely pestered
Someone to rely on when in trouble
Or to be comforted by in times of pain and sorrow
However these connections are a rare occurrence
That oftentimes go undernourished

People are so focused on making relations
That they forget to feed the ones they have
Budding blooms wither after being neglected
Everything becomes so superficial
Fake smiles and cold handshakes
Forced chuckles and concealed sighs
Escaping after doing their ‘due diligence’ of accompanying them

Yeah it’s fun to have buddies
Laughing so much your stomach hurts
But how long is this going to last?
When will this not be enough
Until when will I get to enjoy this companionship?
Losing hope that they won’t always be alone
The forgotten are left to slowly become jaded

Watching everyone leave, yet again…
Always the same routine
Repeated gestures and empty words
Forced smiles and fake promises
Meeting and bonding
Just to grow tired of it all
And leave when you are no longer interested

“Hey nice to meet you
I’m shy and not great at conversing
Mind if I hide out here with you?
Wow you’re really interesting
Do you wanna stay in touch?
Sorry I’m kinda busy right now
Maybe next time, maybe later”

Apologies keep building up when the fun ends
Another subtle knife in the introverts’ gut
Embracing the pain and what it means
There is no other choice than to let go
Severing the ties that had corroded without knowledge
Remaining content with the memories while it lasted
And bracing for the next round of 21 questions

“Hey nice to meet you
I’d really rather you didn’t to begin with
I’m shy and not great at conversing
Obviously the need for social contact prompts you to despite that
Mind if I hide out here with you?
My comfort zone has been invaded already
Wow you’re really interesting
The novelty will wear off soon enough

Do you wanna stay in touch?
My solitude will be waiting, I guess it’s alright for now
Sorry I’m kinda busy right now
Ah here it goes again...
Maybe next time, maybe later”
And cue your distancing Act, exit right
Loneliness, you’re right where I left you
Here’s another set of memories tinged with failure

This process repeats over and over and over
New faces coming to try old tricks
Old acquaintances losing their touch of familiarity
A sea of faces with the same routines
Through these encounters can someone meet
Another kindred soul who suffers the same
Reaching out despite the fear of loss

Just to be pleasantly surprised when it’s reciprocated
A mystical Dragon Tamer to rule the skies alongside
A hysterical Voice of Reason there to keep you grounded
That Pure Innocent that keeps one from forgetting themselves
A Wounded warrior to share tales of societal gore
Each occupant there to help weather the seasonal friendships
An Evergreen community that fully embraces the lost


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